The VIX Is Too Damn High!

Just last Friday I was pointing out that the VIX was still too damn high. It’s rather obvious that with trillions in Dollars added to the federal balance sheet in just over the past two years, a two front war on the horizon, the global supply chain in tatters, de-dollarization picking up steam across the global South, credit markets facing a wave of defaults, inflation on the rise and growing steadily, plus more bank failures looming ahead, we should clearly be seeing the VIX at single digits at this point.

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Gravitas Launch Day

The time has FINALLY come!! Today is launch day for GRAVITAS – my revolutionary trend trading system which will allow you to DOUBLE your money this year from crypto.

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A Game Changer For Crypto

Okay, so yesterday I told you about GRAVITAS and why I decided to build a trend trading signal for crypto in the first place. You don’t exactly have to be a trading genius to realize that something that calls big market swings in crypto can easily bank you a juicy fortune, given enough time. Continue reading

How Gravitas Beat The Crypto Bear Market

Since I posted a quick video update on GRAVITAS last week, my inbox has literally been blowing up with messages from people begging for access to the system. Now, as much as I enjoy watching you squirm in eager anticipation, here’s a quick update to keep all you crypto degenerates in the loop 😉

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Bitcoin Back From The Dead

Bitcoin just touched the $30k mark, proving once again that bull markets seem have a tendency to sneak up on you. I know that may sound a bit hare brained, but please raise your hand if you managed to catch merely half of BTC’s 95% monster ramp off the Nov 22nd lows.

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SVB – Only The First Domino To Fall

For anyone who’s been active in the markets back in 2008 this is probably deja vu all over again. Over the weekend bank regulators seized Silicon Valley Bank as well as Signature Bank in New York, which represents the largest bank failure since the 2008 recession.

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