Trading is a game of odds. And if you don't know your odds of success, your odds of  failure are extremely high. 

​Learn the true reality of tradingthe reality that everybody else is afraid to tell you.

Life is short. And your trading capital is limited.

In the year 2020, it's estimated that 70% of trading is driven by algos. On high volume trading days, it's closer to 90%. If you rely on old school methods of using charts and indicators to trade, the house is just going to keep taking your money.

Want to beat the house? Take the red pill and learn to trade like a quant - without a PhD in astrophysics.


Valuable insights about building a rule based system.

As a professional trader, I have been following Mike’s blog regularly for the last couple of years. It gave me another angle of perception of markets and many valuable insights about building a rule based systems in the first place. Mike is hard working guy with extensive and deep knowledge about markets and I would gladly recommend his blog and his products to anyone.

Darmir K.

Thanks for 10 plus years of great insight!

Mike, day in day out offers insights that even the most seasoned professional will recognize as filled with real actionable information to devise a clear action plan. No promises but real tools for a real business: trading ain't a game, it's a humbling learning experience day in day out. Mike has the exceptional value of making the journey less stressful while at the same time ensuring we up our game with the latest most accurate agility in our technical tools. Because there is no linearity in the markets, Mike ensures we find the right path to identify where we are. Thanks for 10 plus years of great insight!

Deodat L.

The most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets

I’ve been following Mike’s work since 2008. In that time, he’s proven to be the most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets. Very technically astute, he also spends heaps of time addressing the mental and emotional sides of trading. He is very generous with his time and is focused on continuous improvement. Making persistent returns from the market is a hard task. Mike educates his followers and keeps them many steps ahead of the game.

Eric A.

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​Mike has been posting his trades for over 12 years, with 4000+ blog posts under his belt. In our blog, we regularly provide quantitative market updates about what's going in the market. Just the numbers baby.. Sorry, no voodoo, moon cycles, pivot points, moving averages or Fibonacci non-sense. It's been replaced with copious amounts of dry humor.

Learn the secrets that pros KNOW..
That they'll NEVER tell you

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