Trading is a game of odds. And if you don't know your odds of success, your odds of  failure are extremely high. 

Learn the true reality of tradingthe reality that everybody else is afraid to tell you.

Life is short. And your trading capital is limited.

It's estimated that 70% of trading activity is driven by algos. On high volume trading days, it's closer to 90%. If you rely on old school methods of using charts and indicators to trade, the house is just going to keep taking your money.

Want to beat the house? Take the red pill and learn to trade like a quant - without a PhD in astrophysics.


Proven strategies without influence from all the noise.

I have been following Mike's work since shortly after he started his service. With all the hype after the 2008-09 market crash Mike has always been focused on proven strategies without influence from all the noise coming from biased market trading. Over the last 10 years he has constantly worked on improving his web site, his methods of getting information distributed in a timely manner, and most importantly his disciplined strategies that have a track record of results. Many traders have come and gone over the last 10 years but Mike has proven that if you develop a plan and stick to it the results speak for themselves.

Daniel H.

Daily commentary invaluable!

I’ve been following Mike over at the 'evilspeculator' for the last year or so and have found his daily commentary invaluable and participating in his message board continues to be a great learning experience. And I would not trade S&P futures without his Zero indicator!

Richard A.

Easily understood by veteran traders and novices

My trading partner and I purchased the Price Action Masterclass from Mike and it is very beneficial. We have studied it repeatedly and gain new knowledge with every play.The videos are easily understood by veteran traders and novices. We highly recommend all educational videos and tutorials produced by him.

Cyd & Julie

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Red Pill Quants Portfolios

We have a very simple offering. Red Pill Quants Unlimited is designed to cover you on two fronts:
1) Education: No matter your level of experience, we'll make sure you will emerge as a better prepared and self sufficient options trader.

2) Signal Service: Of course we practice what we preach and the results speak for themselves.
Find out how we do that with our unique approach to growing your account.

What Is Quant Trading?

Have no idea what quant trading is? If you're new to trading, most new traders are led down a path of charts, indicators, moon cycles, Fibonacci lines and other voodoo non-sense. Quant trading pulls back the curtain on all of that snake oil. Find out how the pros really do it. Hint: there are no charts involved. Or voodoo.

Live Market Reality Checks

Mike has been posting his trades for over 12 years, with 4000+ blog posts under his belt. In our blog, we regularly provide quantitative market updates about what's going in the market. Just the numbers baby.. Sorry, no voodoo, moon cycles, pivot points, moving averages or Fibonacci non-sense. It's been replaced with copious amounts of dry humor.