Quant Tools

Our quant tools are the basis of what we teach in the RPQ Academy. Mike and his team of genetically enhanced python engineers developed these tools based on 1000s of hour of academic research. And 1000s of hours of usage in live trading. 

They are paint-by-numbers simple to use.

Take the red pill and learn how these simple tools can dramatically improve your trading results. Click on the Learn button to see how they work
IVTS - The Prophet

If there is anything worth investing time into understanding that will dramatically improve your trading, it's the IVTS. The IVTS is the Implied Volatility Term Structure and it is an eloquent metric of what the options markets are forecasting. It is the core basis for many of our trading strategies in the RPQ Academy.

Weekly Stats Tool

The Weekly Stats Tool is your lethal weapon in looking at statistically significant trends in stocks and ETFs, based on the time of year. Sell-In-May-And-Go-Away is it true? The Weekly Stats Tool answers just this. Find out the best time to be long, short, or on the sidelines in any or have range bound trades like iron condors on. Works on any ETF or stock.

RPQ Scripts

Here at RPQ we are always developing new useful scripts and tools that aid us in improving many of our own trading strategies. Here is your chance to take advantage of years of statistical research by integrating our RPQ scripts into your own trading platform.