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Social media giants have been channeling their inner Wile E. Coyote over the past few days for rather obvious reasons you are most likely aware of but which clearly fall outside the context of what we do and worry about here at Red Pill Quants. Again, there is a myriad of places that relish in that kind of discourse and if you feel like yelling at and insulting people you've never met on the Internet you'll be much better off over there. So let's put our respective political ideologies on ice for a moment and simply look at what's going on from a purely strategic perspective. Or in other words - how we can we take advantage? Read More
  • Mike
  • a few days ago

Cashing Out Of Financials

If there is one unrewarding duty I continue to claim my own then it is to caution you against relating your trading activities with your own personal beliefs, may they be ideological, political, spiritual, religious, or otherwise. I am not saying you should abandon them in any way. Quite on the contrary - they may be the ones that keep you sane as a human being, especially in these trying times. Bu if you hazard in participating in the big game you will have to force yourself to draw a clear line between your actions as a trader and any other pursuits or interests in life. Read More
  • Mike
  • 5 days ago

Look Behind The Curtain

Given all the political drama drowning out any common sense at the current time I wouldn't blame you for having missed the news. Turns out 140,000 jobs were lost in December alone and I fear things may only get worse from here. Unfortunately if 2020 reconfirmed anything then would be to never underestimate the market's ability to fade structural economic problems of tectonic proportions. However as the old saying goes: you can run but you can't hide (forever) as we are now starting to see the first emerging cracks. Read More
  • Mike
  • 7 days ago

Just Follow The Money

In 1815, Rothschild made his now famous statement: "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply." I read this statement as a young man and while it instantly became ingrained into my conscious it henceforth established the basis for my general outlook on life. Which in simple words boils down to "fade all the noise and just follow the money". Read More
  • Mike
  • last week

Put On Your Big Boy Pants

For 2021 won't be a year for the faint of heart. If you're happy that 2020 is squarely in your rear mirror, then keep in mind that despite all the political and social chaos you may have endured we at least enjoyed a roaring stock market. When was the last time you witnessed a whopping 42% rally in the SPX - or any other sector - in the course of only 9 months? Okay, except for BTC perhaps 😉 Read More
  • Mike
  • a couple of weeks ago

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