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Nothing Goes Up Forever

With equities not just reaching but far exceeding stratospheric levels the question of how much longer this can be sustained obviously comes to mind. In fact it's the prevailing sentiment in light of a face ripping rally that is unparalleled in financial history. I have repeatedly pointed out the obvious disconnect between the stock market and what has transpired across Main Street. Not just all over the United States but also in the rest of the Western hemisphere, which continues to be on the receiving end of various well intended policy decisions. Read More
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Everything Must Go (Up)

In my Monday post we took a snapshot of the short to medium term risk perception courtesy of the VX futures term structure and compared it with the one we saw in November. What we discovered was that implied volatility (and thus risk perception) has steadily dropped lower but that the steep contango had remained intact. Thus my suggesting a chronic manic depressive marketplace, which I find rather appropriate given that equities are not just trading at all time highs but are now pushing into ever loftier heights every single session. Read More
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  • a few days ago

It’s Not So Lonely At The Top

Over the past decade of Fed fueled monetary extravaganza a ramp and camp formation has become the norm rather than the rare exception. The Monday short squeeze that officially cemented a new S&P milestone above the $4k mark has pushed us to new stratospheric valuations, and it stands in stark contrast to the worldwide economic situation in which we currently find ourselves. Not to mention the one we are heading straight into. Let me assure you that a global silicon shortage affecting chip production across a wide swath of industries is merely the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more fun to come. Read More
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  • 5 days ago

Manic Depressive Market Guide

I looked at the VX futures term structure this morning, i.e. the series of VX futures contracts from now into late this year, and something occurred to me. For over six months now I have been plotting various changes in this curve in exhausting detail and the story it's been telling us has remained largely identical. Big trouble ahead! So how come the market continues to push higher and higher with the SPX officially marking new all time highs as well as reaching the coveted $4,000 mark? Read More
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  • 7 days ago

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