Let me be crystal clear. Opportunities like these only present themselves once or twice in a lifetime. I am dead serious about this. What is going on in the marketplace right now is absolutely unprecedented. However I would bet you good money that 99% of retail traders are completely unaware.

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Look I just want to get in front of any potential rumors. No I did NOT kill John McAfee. I didn’t even know the man personally. And just because I recently spent two weeks up in the North of Spain does not mean I hired some local goons to have him snuffed in his prison cell. I mean – sure, I COULD have. And he did after all welch on his bet that BTC would hit the $1M mark by 2020.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my illustrious career as an all purpose market megalomaniac then it is this time tested rule: Right when I’m getting heaps of frustrated calls and nervous emails from friends and clients – that is usually the bottom.

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Just a quick crypto update since my workload has been relentless since I got back from vacation. Bitcoin is exhibiting classic trading range behavior. Up-down-up-down. Choppy, hard to read. Pressing all of our emotional buttons.

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If I had to name the number 1 mental hangup that is preventing retail traders from being successful traders then it would be the constant need to be proven right. It’s a pernicious mental trap that has wiped out a many trading accounts. Unfortunately just like gravity or bad customer service in Spain I don’t see this changing anytime soon. And don’t think I am excluding myself either – quite to the contrary.

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Implied volatility over the past few weeks has managed to blue-ball me worse than my first high school date. At least back then I finally got lucky on the third turn. But this attention whoring bitch tease of a market just keeps on making hot promises and then never puts out. That at least until yesterday afternoon when the FOMC – unexpectedly – put some fear of God into what has become a long term manic depressive but short term over complacent marketplace.

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Miss me yet? For once my timing with going on vacation was spot on as the marketplace shifted into park and has done absolutely nothing since I left Valencia. Which for the record is exactly how it should be. On my end it’s been an eventful but mostly relaxing time in my little alpine paradise in the North East of Spain.

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Here’s a little tidbit you won’t ever see mentioned on CNBC. The longer markets remain range bound the more gamma risk continues to build up. Which is something you ought to be very worried about, even if you are not an options trader per se.

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Our crypto system held up phenomenally well in the recent drop.

The coins we held weathered the storm better than you might expect. Down 27% against BTC, which is a gut punch but not the end of the world.

And it switched us into Ethereum at the lows, which has been awesome. You can see that ETH has bounced harder than bitcoin and a basket of the top Altcoins.

So it’s working as designed. Beating the market on the way up, and beating the market on the way down.

AND it seems clear that a bottom is in.

So therefore, IF a bottom is in, then we will never have a better time to buy crypto than right now.

Here are the weekly returns for 2021 – I’ve marked the losing weeks.

We are “only” up 593% for the year. But of course, that’s 593% BETTER than bitcoin, which has been ballistic since early January.

In real money terms that’s 2300% and counting, even after the drop.

It’s a hell of a system, and seeing it survive scary moments increases my confidence even more.

Sadly (for them), 2 out of 100 people discovered they just can’t handle the emotional ride of crypto.

And I get that. You just can’t expect to get 1000% gains without a few scary moments.

Like Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Following any system when the market is dropping is scary as shit. You don’t get paid for picking right, you get paid for sitting tight.

And for sure, last week wasn’t the last heart attack moment crypto has in store for us. Not by a long shot.

But, even with the baked-in mini crashes and butthurt this is STILL the most powerful bull market most of us will ever see – in our lifetime.

This is the greatest wealth building opportunity that personally I’ve ever seen, and I want you to get some.

Our system WILL get us out at the eventual top, and lets us ride through all the bumps on the way.

In fact, its the ONLY way we make sure that we are still standing right at the end, on that fateful day when we cash out right at the top.

The good news for you… there are now 2 spots that have opened up. And I don’t expect them to last very long.

I know some of you missed out and probably felt bloody smart about it.

The smart thing NOW is to get in *after* the crash. Your downside risk is reduced and you are getting the assets you want at a reduced price.

So if you’re quick you can grab one of the two remaining spots in the Cryptonaissance Wealth Creation Engine by clicking here.

p.s. if you need to refresh your memory

Crypto Webinar 1 replay
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For when it comes to trading the financial markets price is the ultimate arbiter of truth. Period. We can whinge and whine all we want about what the market ‘should be doing’ based on a laundry list of technical evidence suggesting that it is ‘overbought’. But in the end, the market will simply do what it wants to do. And when it wants to go up – we aim high – especially during a bull market.

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