What Really Drives Modern Financial Markets

Okay I’m going to make this short and sweet: Odds have it you are trading the market – any market, be this stocks, crypto, forex, what have you – based on a completely flawed understanding of how it works.

I can say this because over the past 20 years I have literally talked to thousands of retail traders, and perhaps only one out of 100 people comes even close to understanding what truly moves the needle today in the 21st century.

So – let me fix that for you:

Link: https://youtu.be/ySmvwlNKPkY

I strongly recommend you watch this video to the very end (it’ll be worth it), maybe sleep it over for a day or two, and then watch it all over AGAIN, so that it truly sinks in.

That’s how important I think this video is.

Moving forward the concepts discussed in my video will be an integral part of my regular analysis and I am confident that this newly gained perspective will make you a much better trader.

Enjoy – and as usual please don’t forget to like the video 👍🏻, absolutely subscribe to the channel, hit that bell, all that good stuff.

  • Mike
  • a few months ago

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