The Comeback Kid

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my illustrious career as an all purpose market megalomaniac then it is this time tested rule: Right when I’m getting heaps of frustrated calls and nervous emails from friends and clients – that is usually the bottom.

It rarely fails. But let’s be honest here, I was feeling a bit down myself yesterday.

I was starting to think that maybe the crypto market may have totally changed character and I’ve gotten it totally wrong.

That whiny butt-hurt feeling is usually a strong indicator that the bottom is nigh.

But not all bottoms are created equal. A slow, months-long grind out of danger is almost as frustrating as a short sharp drop.

Overnight we got a short sharp drop and then (drumrolls) the MOTHER OF RALLIES.

I’d like you to notice how the buying took off the moment panic ensued and weak hands sold out below the trading range.

What happened is that this tricked a bunch of traders into selling prematurely, creating a selling capitulation climax.

This is the net profit of all the short term traders. You can see they are 47% in loss, ON AVERAGE.

After everyone who was gonna sell has sold, there are only buyers left.

You can see that this is true by zooming in to a 5 minute chart. Notice how every time the market starts to drop buyers step in and don’t let it fall.

The market is telling us loud and clear that the majority of sellers are gone and mainly buyers remain.

Make no mistake: this is a game changing development. I’d thought we were due to grind out over months.

Now the possibility of a V bottom opens up.

This is the best risk reward point in crypto for a long time.

While the pikers remain shell shocked I’m going to move some money around and buy another 100K worth. That’s just how I roll. Blood in streets and all.

Now if you have brass balls and want to trade this crypto system alongside me, here’s the deal.

There are 100 places, 2 remain.

It executes MONDAY. You need to set aside 10 minutes every Monday (time doesn’t matter as long as it’s consistent),

If you are interested CLICK HERE take advantage of the crypto bottom and safely* start generating life changing wealth along with me.

If you want to learn more about the system CLICK HERE.

Otherwise head over to ZeroEdge and join the chorus of pikers and goldbugs who keep assuring each other that crypto is a Ponzi scheme and has no future.

You know – just like they did at BTC 5000, at BTC 10,000, and now at BTC 34,000 again.

Misery loves company 😉


* “Safely” meaning safe FOR crypto. It’s still going to have 20-40% drops. It WILL do this bullshit again, I want to be very clear about that. That’s the game, there’s no way to target thousands of percent a year without taking some punches.

  • Mike
  • a couple of years ago

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