Ramp And Camp

You may have noticed that every time anything exciting worth writing about happens in Bitcoin all price action suddenly comes to a screeching halt and we’re back to a good ole’ fashioned sideways churn.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Because it means that whenever you see a surge of boisterous posts about a new bitcoin price level in the financial mainstream or on social media it’s usually time to cut out and take a short vacation.

I hear the Maldives are pretty nice right now.

Of course none of this is new and during my 20+ years long career as a trader I’ve witnessed similar market behavior many many times before in stocks, the futures, as well as forex.

The pros call it ‘ramp & camp’, referring to a cyclically volatile market that has a tendency to run in circles for extended periods of time, driving everyone crazy, only to then release all that coiled up momentum in one big surge.

But none are better at ramp & camp than the crypto market. It practically excels at pushing the buttons of millions of hapless retail traders eager to base their investments on gyrations that make absolutely zero sense to them.

Anticipating those sudden price surges is equally as unpredictable as your success rate during a speed dating event.

Yes, you may get all dressed up for the occasion only then to watch the long haired guy wearing a wrinkly Hawaiian shirt and a gold chain take off with the solid 10 you’ve staked your hopes on.

In other words: You got no game. Better fix it.

Which brings me to this: Gravitas to the rescue.

This really is all you need to fade all the noise, all the drama, and keep yourself on the right side of the market, no matter what it decides to throw at you.

Instead of attempting to follow every gyration and drive you crazy, Gravitas follows the same algo used in modern navigation systems to steadily pilot you along the overarching trend.

Which means you usually only touch your position every few weeks at most.

Many times we’re in the market for several months while the system keeps printing juicy returns for us.

It’s low key, easy to follow, and extremely profitable.

What’s not to like?

And no, unfortunately it doesn’t fix your dating life. We’re working on it.

If you’re interested in joining then send me a message and I’ll get you sorted.

  • Mike
  • a few months ago

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