Happy Merge Day!

The buzz in crypto over the past few weeks has been the long awaited ETH merge. If you’re the type of person who stays up at night reading up on complex technical details about how crypto currencies work then you will learn nothing new here, so this post isn’t for you. If you’re part of the remaining 99.9% then stick around and I’ll explain to you what the merge is, why you should care, and why you shouldn’t care.

So what is the merge?

In a nutshell it’s the migration of the ETH network from a proof-of-work (POW) to a proof-of-stake (POS) system. Which means no more ETH mining and the planet will henceforth be able to reduce massive energy consumption used for mining which had ballooned to that of a small country (e.g. Switzerland).

How will this merge affect you?

Not much at all but if you are currently holding any ETH on an open exchange the recommendation is to transfer it all from your exchange to a personal wallet. This way you retain control of all of your assets at all times and there won’t be any monkey business.

Otherwise there’s not much else to be done. Your ‘old’ ETH will automagically be transformed into ETH 2.0 and Bob’s your uncle.

That’s nice… but why should I care?

One big question that keeps coming up is whether or not there will be a large reduction in fees? And to be frank, that appears to be the common expectation but I really doubt it. Sure there will most likely be a marked increase in speed but probably not sufficient for you to care.

The chart above shows why you shouldn’t care.

As the old saying goes: Buy the rumor sell the news. ETH has done pretty much nothing today and the only fireworks we’ve been seeing were in the news.

So don’t get sucked into the hype and start backing up the truck on ETH. As always tick with the charts, which still tell us that the well fed lady may not have yodeled yet.

Instead what you should get excited about is the new system we launched into beta in early August and the juicy returns it has already produced since.

17R traded at conservative 1% position size and a $100k account means $17,000 in ill-gotten gains over the course of a single month.

I followed the rules and made cash, but more importantly while everyone was busy guessing where BTC or ETH would swing next it didn’t screw with my head.

If I lost it would have felt like “the system did it”.

And it won and it doesn’t feel like I’m so smart, it just feels like the system did it, too.

In the long run keeping your ego right away from this whole game is the smartest play.

I’d like you to learn this system privately with me…. Here’s a 1 page document with everything you need to know.

Here’s me demonstrating my daily trading routine in under 7 minutes.

Finally there are still spots available for my first live webinar where I’ll teach the entire system for FREE, so make sure to reserve your spot now.

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