Christmas Vacation

Christmas is drawing near and since that particular holiday sucks blocks here in Spain I spontaneously decided to catch a flight to snowy Lithuania this year.

That may seem like a strange choice, but it turns out that their capital Vilnius supposedly dons the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe.

Having been raised in Austria as a kid I of course couldn’t let that claim stand without a a close personal inspection. I’ll also be trying several liters of their regional mulled wine 🙂

Anyway, so that’s where I’m heading come tomorrow morning at the early crow of the rooster.

I actually meant to put up a market update today but our region experienced a power outage that lasted all afternoon.

So sorry guys – this will have to do until the 22nd when I return home.

And by then I assume most of you will be on vacation, so I’ll probably see you after the holidays.

In case you wonder, my associate Luke will keep an eye on the operation, and if you have any issues just shoot an email to clientservices@ and he’ll get you sorted.

See you on the other side!


  • Mike
  • a couple of months ago

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