Let's be clear: We're professional traders, not amateur gamblers. Professionals are in the game of consistency and long term sustainability, not moon-shot lotto tickets.

Our primary goal is to build your account principal and to make you self sufficient, education is just a stepping stone on the way toward that goal.

With RPQ Unlimited, you will receive all of the trading education you will ever need to be a successful trader.

You get access to our entire library of training videos. Over 30 hours of our trainings, which will arm you mentally and prevent you from blowing up your trading account (done that before, huh?).

 However, it is crucial to immediately start growing your trading account like a professional: slowly and consistently. 

 We'll be spoon feeding live quant trades that you'll place alongside us. Trades from proven market specific strategies, with a proven track record that hedge funds keep under lock and key.

No Fibonacci lines, Elliot Wave theory, moon cycles, astronomy, chart patterns or other woo woo trading non-sense that true professionals snicker at.

No "Trade ideas" - ideas presented to you that sound like good trading opportunities. Except the elusive obvious - the person pitching it to you isn't actually taking the trade themselves. So how good is it?? We eat our own cooking.

Until you become self sufficient and settle on your own style of trading, 90% of the value you get out of RPQ Unlimited is access to our live trading signals.

  • Over 30 hours of training and growing. We cut  out the fat and drill down to the essentials that just work.
  • Access to our Options 101 course, we get straight to what actually moves the needle for traders.
  • The basics of intermediate options trading in our Options 202 course.
  • The magic of trading based on statistics. This will blow your mind.
  • Over 10 hours of training on market mechanics - without the  indicators. Torch the indicators, for good.
  • 8+ hours of training how to root out the biggest invisible obstacle that keeps most traders stuck (and that the CIA uses in their analysis): cognitive dissonance. This alone will pay for the course, many times over.
  • Live quantitative market analysis based on probability.
  • How to figure out when options are priced wrong and how to take massive advantage of it.
  • Paint-by-numbers application of advanced metrics hedge funds use determine when to get in and out of the market. Use our Prophet metric, developed by PhDs at hedge funds, to know when to be in the market. And when not to be!
  • Complete access to our System Building Masterclass. Once you learn the principals, mastery is when you start putting them together into your own trading that fits you.
  • How market regimes create massive opportunities for options trades.
  • Our RPQ Think Or Swim tools, including our Implied Volatility (IV) Z-Score tool, Expected Move tool, and much more...

Unlimited Access for only $149/month! Cancel anytime.

What other RPQ Unlimited members are saying...

Mike's work made all the difference in my trading!

A brief note of many thanks to you. When I started working with Mike years ago, I was a rather lost amateur trader, lurching to and fro without much discipline or direction. His tutelage in general, continuing education, and ongoing cutting edge market insights, and strategies of exploitation has made all the difference in my trading. Thanks to the service he offers I have transformed myself into a professional trader. Mike has been beyond instrumental in my success.

Ed D.

Thanks for putting such a course together.

In summer I like to spend some time sharpening my trading abilities reviewing lessons learned and reading books on trading. Most of the books and training material that I reviewed over the years is junk and some was quite expensive.

This summer I bought Price Action Masterclass, Trading Psychology Class and System Building Masterclass and it is outstanding in scope and a great value. It really covered more than I expected in terms of understanding price which is the queen of indicators, an outstanding review of trading psychology and what it takes to put a trading system together.

The novice could miss the importance of price and the proper analysis of price for entry/exit of a position. When I started down this road, I would have missed it and wanted some setups AB=CD, the good old Three-Drive, Gartley and harmonics. When you understand how to analyze price, you will see where one of these setups is going to fail gloriously.

Herb S.

Easily understood by veteran traders and novices

My trading partner and I purchased the Price Action Masterclass from Mike and it is very beneficial. We have studied it repeatedly and gain new knowledge with every play.The videos are easily understood by veteran traders and novices. We highly recommend all educational videos and tutorials produced by him.

Cyd & Julie

You get access to a professional quant portfolio  for less than the cost of one losing trade per month. Make it back many times over.

Unlimited Instant Access for only $149/month! Cancel anytime.

Proven strategies without influence from all the noise.

I have been following Mike's work since shortly after he started his service. With all the hype after the 2008-09 market crash Mike has always been focused on proven strategies without influence from all the noise coming from biased market trading. Over the last 10 years he has constantly worked on improving his web site, his methods of getting information distributed in a timely manner, and most importantly his disciplined strategies that have a track record of results. Many traders have come and gone over the last 10 years but Mike has proven that if you develop a plan and stick to it the results speak for themselves.

Daniel H.

The most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets

I’ve been following Mike’s work since 2008. In that time, he’s proven to be the most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets. Very technically astute, he also spends heaps of time addressing the mental and emotional sides of trading. He is very generous with his time and is focused on continuous improvement. Making persistent returns from the market is a hard task. Mike educates his followers and keeps them many steps ahead of the game.

Eric A.

Mike's a stone cold professional.

Mike has provided some of the best trader-oriented market analysis and education that you will find, paid or otherwise. He is a stone cold professional who will punch you in the stomach if that is what you need in order to become a better trader. I have learned so much in the past 10 years following his work. In the market there are sheep and there are wolves. Mike is a wolf.

Mark V.

Quality info, tough love, mixed with humor.

I've been using Mike’s services for over eight years to augment my trading. His Zero indicator is a key component to my intraday trading. Also his volatility studies are great for preparing me for intermediate term changes; even more critical in this year's volatility environment. Daily setups are especially valuable for opportunities I have not noticed. And of course the mentoring via tough love and humor.