Foundations is where you start saving yourself YEARS of future misery in trading.

Foundations is where we teach you the basics to start trading based on probability. We can teach you to make well above SPY returns and supercharge your trading results. This is where it starts.

Step 1: Torch the indicators, alerts and blinky stuff.

When you play big in Vegas, it's the five star restaurants, comp'd suites, beautiful women and freely flowing champagne that keep you playing games that will fleece you dry.  This is what keeps big spenders in the casino. And what keeps the casinos printing cash. TONS of it.

The crazy thing... 99.9% of people know this, yet they sit there thinking they are an exception.

The odds are stacked against you in the casino and everyone knows it. Trading is no different.

In trading, it's free trading platforms, indicators, newsfeeds and useless stats that mean nothing. But the indicator hustlers and the brokers want to keep you engaged in the matrix and want you to think they mean something. 

But deep down, most people know the truth: they don't mean anything. You've probably thought to yourself " can't be this easy.. a few indicators and some charts.. there has to be a catch..."

There is a big catch: NONE of that stuff works. Professionals know it and snicker at it.

MACDs, Put/Call ratios, breadth indicators and charting tools. These are just some of the methods brokers and snake oil salesmen use to keep you placing trades.

Here, Yahoo Finance is telling us it's detected a bullish chart pattern. And I detect total B.S.

All of these indicators, patterns and chart reading voodoo really means: nothing. If you trade based off this stuff, you'll go broke. With vigorous fortitude. 

This is the kind of crack the trading industry blasts you with, just like a back alley junkie looking for his next hit. The next blinky thing, the next alert, the next indicator that's going to tell you to do one thing: trade. 

Which makes them money regardless if you do or not.

Most traders get lost in the matrix of ADD information overload. This is just one of the many ways the system is rigged against you. 

In Foundations, we'll start you on your 12 step program, removing your addiction of indicators, charts, and blinky things. We'll get you off the broker and snake oil indicator crack in the Foundations training.

No more indicators. No more moving averages. No more alerts. No more blinking things. No more news feeds. Peace out ADD...

Step 2: We'll teach you the pro trader magic trick: probability.

A lot of new traders have the false notion that professional traders have some innate ability to look at charts and based on their super power, make  calls on where they think a stock is headed. 

If you believe that... Son, you're tripp'n.

Nothing could be further from the truth. So where did this idea come from?

These dodes and the legions of others like them. They've convinced the world that professionals are doing things like trading based on option volume, chart patterns, gut feel and conjecture.

Do you really think traders at Citadel saying: "Hey! There is unusually high call volume in AAPL today, all hit on the ask side, that MUST mean AAPL is headed higher. We should buy AAPL!"???

The correct answer:

Here is the secret that that will change your trading life: pros are trading based on probability.

Before they get into a trade, they know the probability of a profitable outcome.

Do you know that? With statistics that a MIT PhD would accept as legit? Probably not...

In Foundations, we'll put you on the fast track to learning pro probability. You'll be learning this in our options 101 and options 202 programs. There is a massive difference in our trainings, that nobody else makes a point of when they are teaching options trading techniques.

You see, with options, there is no free lunch. But we show you how to get a highly discounted five star meal...

With an options trading technique like an iron condor, you'll typically have a 70% probability of success. But you'll typically risk $700 to make $300.. if you do the math, you'll quickly see it's a wash.

You've probably been down this path and I'm likely preaching to the choir.

But nobody does the math.... until after a long period of time, they can't figure out why they are not making money trading iron condors like that course said they would...

We go deep, we show you why you need a real statistical edge and how to get it. Not a Holly Hobby back test from a toy trading platform aimed at wet-behind-the-ears traders... Those, at best, are for entertainment purposes only.

If you've traded based on back tests without statistically sound means, you know exactly what I'm talking about. In Foundations, we'll get probability based trading etched into your brain.

Step 3: Learn by example with our live trades done for you.

I first started playing guitar when I was 16. John, my green boot wearing first guitar teacher, is a major reason I'm still playing 30 years later.

John realized I didn't really want to learn to play guitar, I wanted to play Metallica songs and impress girls so I could get laid. Rather than spend the entire 30 minute lesson learning chords and scales, we'd spend 15 minutes doing that...

Then he'd turn up the distortion and say, "Alright, let's tune down to D and I'll teach you how to play Sad But True .'

YES! This is what I wanted.. I felt like a god playing that menacing riff for my friends with my amp turned up to 10..

It worked. 

Almost 35 years later, you could say I'm still into it...

I learned the chords and scales I needed to build a solid foundation. And then I went home showing off to girls that I could play AC/DC riffs. I had enough success of learning to play songs that it kept me engaged learning scales, chords and music theory.

This is the same playbook we're using for you. While you're learning the fundamentals of trading based on probability, were doing the trading for you with our $ide Hustle strategy. This allows you to start making profitable trades right out of the gate.

The Side Hustle is the little brother to our Friday Payday strategy. Each week, you'll have 6 trades spoon fed to you in our paint-by-numbers fashion. We literally give you trades that you copy/paste into Think Or Swim.

Just like this:

You literally copy/paste the trades into Think Or Swim. No stop loses to set, no target exits, no risk management - it's all baked into the trade. It really doesn't get any easier....

The every Friday, we'll spend about 15 minutes closing out the 6 trades and get paid for the week. Rather than trying to make you a pro quant trader, we are doing it for you.  And you get to follow along while steadily grow your trading account.

All done for you in the Foundations training.

You'll learn the under-the-hood techniques of how profitable strategies are built - based on probability.

No Fibonacci lines, Elliot Wave theory, moon cycles, astronomy, chart patterns or other woo woo trading non-sense that professionals snicker at.

You'll learn how trading options really works, with probability.



Forget about the myriad of indicators or candle patterns you have been told are the key to success. This extensive series covers everything we have learned in combined 40 years of learning to trade based on probability.



Once you know the basics, it's time to put them to work. In options 202, we take you through how options work: probability. You'll learn how options are priced and how to avoid the traps that most retail traders fall into.



Learning takes time. And while you're learning, you're going to hqve immediate success by following the trades we're doing for you. In simple, paint-by-numbers fashion that even a complete beginner can understand.



Trading is a tough business psycologically. Lots of new traders come into the game looking for lotto tickets and end up blowing up their trading account. We'll teach you the same techniques the CIA uses to over come self sabotaging techniques in our Trading Psychology course.



The IVTS is a stat quant funds use to decide when to be long or short. It's about as close as we'll ever get to something that predicts future returns. You'll learn how it works and how simple it it to use with our tools in the IVTS fundamentals training.



Once a month, you'll get a live group session with Mike. You'll have your questions about learning the Foundations material answered on the spot.

The Foundations training is held in the Red Pill Quants Academy, where you'll learn everything you need to for your base line trading education. But even with over 30 hours of trainings, our number one goal for you with Foundations is NOT to educate you..

Our goal with Foundations is not to teach you useless stuff, it's to grow your trading account. Period.

So you can trade our Unlimited Portfolio. It's a win-win for everybody involved.

  • Access to our live Side Hustle strategy, six quant trades served to you live each week, that we're taking with you.
  • Over 30 hours of training and growing. We cut  out the fat and drill down to the essentials that just work.
  • Access to our intro Options 101 course, we cut out the fat and get straight to what matters for traders.
  • The basics of intermediate options trading in our Options 202 course.
  • The magic of trading based on statistics. This will blow your mind.
  • Over 10 hours of training on market mechanics - without the  indicators. Torch the indicators, for good.
  • 8+ hours of training how to root out the biggest invisible obstacle that keeps most traders stuck (and that the CIA uses in their analysis): cognitive dissonance. This alone will pay for the course, many times over.
  • Live quantitative market analysis based on probability.
  • How to figure out when options are priced wrong and how to take massive advantage of it.
  • Paint-by-numbers application of advanced metrics hedge funds use to know when to get in out of the market. Use our Prophet metric, developed by PhDs at hedge funds, to know when to be in the market. And when not to be!
  • Complete access to our System Building Masterclass. Once you learn the principals, mastery is when you start putting them together into your own trading that fits you.
  • How market regimes create massive opportunities for options trades.
  • Our RPQ Think Or Swim tools, including our Implied Volatility (IV) Z-Score tool and Expected Move tools.

Unlimited Instant Access for only $97/month! Cancel anytime. 

100% No B.S. Side Hustle Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel our Red Pill Quants Foundations training is giving you insanely massive amounts of trading value, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.

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What other Unlimited members are saying...

Mike's work made all the difference in my trading!

A brief note of many thanks to you. When I started working with Mike years ago, I was a rather lost amateur trader, lurching to and fro without much discipline or direction. His tutelage in general, continuing education, and ongoing cutting edge market insights, and strategies of exploitation has made all the difference in my trading. Thanks to the service he offers I have transformed myself into a professional trader. Mike has been beyond instrumental in my success.

Ed D.

Thanks for putting such a course together.

In summer I like to spend some time sharpening my trading abilities reviewing lessons learned and reading books on trading. Most of the books and training material that I reviewed over the years is junk and some was quite expensive.

This summer I bought Price Action Masterclass, Trading Psychology Class and System Building Masterclass and it is outstanding in scope and a great value. It really covered more than I expected in terms of understanding price which is the queen of indicators, an outstanding review of trading psychology and what it takes to put a trading system together.

The novice could miss the importance of price and the proper analysis of price for entry/exit of a position. When I started down this road, I would have missed it and wanted some setups AB=CD, the good old Three-Drive, Gartley and harmonics. When you understand how to analyze price, you will see where one of these setups is going to fail gloriously.

Herb S.

Easily understood by veteran traders and novices

My trading partner and I purchased the Price Action Masterclass from Mike and it is very beneficial. We have studied it repeatedly and gain new knowledge with every play.The videos are easily understood by veteran traders and novices. We highly recommend all educational videos and tutorials produced by him.

Cyd & Julie

You get a pro education for less than the cost of 1 losing trade per month. Make it back many times over.

Unlimited Instant Access for only $97/month! Cancel anytime. 

100% No B.S. Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel our Red Pill Quants Foundations training is giving you insanely massive amounts of trading value, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.

30 Days


Proven strategies without influence from all the noise.

I have been following Mike's work since shortly after he started his service. With all the hype after the 2008-09 market crash Mike has always been focused on proven strategies without influence from all the noise coming from biased market trading. Over the last 10 years he has constantly worked on improving his web site, his methods of getting information distributed in a timely manner, and most importantly his disciplined strategies that have a track record of results. Many traders have come and gone over the last 10 years but Mike has proven that if you develop a plan and stick to it the results speak for themselves.

Daniel H.

The most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets

I’ve been following Mike’s work since 2008. In that time, he’s proven to be the most consistent voice on how to navigate the markets. Very technically astute, he also spends heaps of time addressing the mental and emotional sides of trading. He is very generous with his time and is focused on continuous improvement. Making persistent returns from the market is a hard task. Mike educates his followers and keeps them many steps ahead of the game.

Eric A.

Mike's a stone cold professional.

Mike has provided some of the best trader-oriented market analysis and education that you will find, paid or otherwise. He is a stone cold professional who will punch you in the stomach if that is what you need in order to become a better trader. I have learned so much in the past 10 years following his work. In the market there are sheep and there are wolves. Mike is a wolf.

Mark V.

Quality info, tough love, mixed with humor.

I've been using Mike’s services for over eight years to augment my trading. His Zero indicator is a key component to my intraday trading. Also his volatility studies are great for preparing me for intermediate term changes; even more critical in this year's volatility environment. Daily setups are especially valuable for opportunities I have not noticed. And of course the mentoring via tough love and humor.


100% No B.S. Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel our Red Pill Quants Foundations training is giving you insanely massive amounts of trading value, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.

"I've been taken by so many garbage trading products that I don't want people to suffer like I did. That's why Mike and I guarantee our trainings 100%."