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What others are saying

Mike is a first-rate trader.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from Mike is process. He is consistent in his process and stays true to it because it continues to yield results. Mike is a first-rate trader who has one goal… to create and maintain a profitable business. He is particularly aware of the pitfalls of flawed technical analysis which are filled with misconceptions and bias and offers traders of all levels a path to further their development.

Greg M.

Many core concepts you will need to master.

I completed the System Building Masterclass from Red Pill Quant and enjoyed to course very much. It covers many core concepts you will need to master in your journey to become a profitable quant trader. I believe the course will be helpful whether you are new to the field or if you already have some knowledge about system development. I personally particularly enjoyed the part around edge discovery, the suggested approach was new to me and make a lot of sense, I have since implemented it into my own system development process. Thanks a lot Mole for putting that high quality content together!

Paul N.

Something for all aspiring traders.

I have been reading Mike’s work for almost a decade and I recommend his analysis to all levels of traders. Over time, he helped me to understand risk and instilled discipline in me that was lacking. He leads a community of like minded focused and disciplined traders and takes a no bullshit approach to market analysis. He lays out everything from the basics of campaign management to advanced systems building so there is something for all aspiring traders.

Peter E.

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[Revised and Updated for Summer 2020 Covid Crisis]
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Written by Mike at Red Pill Quants