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What others are saying

Thanks for 10 plus years of great insight!

Mike, day in day out offers insights that even the most seasoned professional will recognize as filled with real actionable information to devise a clear action plan. No promises but real tools for a real business: trading ain't a game, it's a humbling learning experience day in day out. Mike has the exceptional value of making the journey less stressful while at the same time ensuring we up our game with the latest most accurate agility in our technical tools. Because there is no linearity in the markets, Mike ensures we find the right path to identify where we are. Thanks for 10 plus years of great insight!

Deodat L.

Prepare to learn!

Mike took months to record on tape his vast knowledge and hard earned lessons for traders, who, tired of losing money, know they need more than the standard indicators. If they wish to survive in this under-feared business, the hapless trader will search until discovering a REAL trader such as Mike to give them the knowledge they need! Believe me, one can trade for decades and not know a small percentage of what Mike’s recordings can teach. Remember there is no teaching only learning. Prepare to learn!

Jack A. W.

Tangent, clear-cut trading strategies.

After 30 plus years of unsuccessful trading, I have finally found that a site that offers a tangent, clear-cut trading strategies. Don't look here for a plan based upon ambiguous theories with an ever present alternative explanation. Clear-cut entry and exit points with while always keeping an eye on risk. It has been a long path but Mike’s work offers what I have long been looking for.

Brian A.

Learn the secrets that pros KNOW..
That they'll NEVER tell you

[Revised and Updated for Summer 2020 Covid Crisis]
Our FREE report on the reality of trading in 2020. Read this BEFORE you set your trading capital on fire.
Written by Mike at Red Pill Quants